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Single Origin Coffee Range

Our single origin coffees are selected time and time again by our customers for home, cafés, bars and restaurants.

Peru – Tunki
This single origin, high grown and hand harvested coffee from the Tambopata valley in the Peruvian Andes has a round body with positive acidity, dark berries notes and hints of toffee. Medium roast.

Colombia – Libano Supremo
Refreshingly rich with good body and crisp acidity, citrus notes of tangerine and honeycomb natural sweetness.
Light roast.

Costa Rica – Tarrazu
Light and delicate body, spicy flavour with a pleasant high acidity and grapefruit notes. Light roast

Ethiopia – Sidamo
Soft smooth and rich with medium body, flowery notes and red cherry acidity. Light roast.

Kenya AA
Full bodied with rich and solid winey flavour, winey and blackcurrant finish with a balance of high acidity and delicate berry sweetness. Light roast.

Kenya Peaberry
Peaberry beans occur naturally when only one bean inside the coffee cherry is fertilized, usually there are two halves of a bean within a single cherry. It has a lighter body than the Kenya AA, with a sharper more winey flavour.
Light roast.

Monsoon Malabar
A long exposure (3 – 4 months) to the monsoon wind and rain washes away most of its acidity. The coffee has an earthy and almost musty flavour with deep creamy richness. Light roast.

Old Brown Government Java
Aged in the green bean, similar to the Malabar except for much longer (2 to 5 years), this coffee has a unique earthy flavour and rich tobacco notes with low acidity. Light roast.

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