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As coffee roasters, we at Traders control the whole process from buying the raw green bean to hand-roasting our different ranges of coffee. This ensures that the coffee we offer is of the highest standard – from the finest espresso blend to single origin 100% Arabica. Our brand of CoffeeBAY blends are specially chosen and roasted to meet the tastes of our customers.

  • Mocha Italian
    A full Hamburg Roast of all Arabica coffees – Santa Colomba from the Daterra region of Brazil, blended with Indian Mysore and Ethiopian beans. A delicate acidity with hints of caramelised sugars and chocolate. A full body and smooth clean finish. medium to dark roast; ideal for espressos and cappuccinos.
  • Italia Crème
    Our traditional Italian style espresso blend. A slightly lighter roast with a dash of high quality Indian Cherry Robusta for an Italian style espresso with extra crema.
  • Caffe Crème
    Blended predominately from Ethiopian Mocha to give maximum flavour with an excellent crema.
  • Espresso Decaf
    Medium body single origin Colombian beans with pleasant acidity. Medium to dark roast.

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